philosopher from music, representative intellect ars nova, inventor of jazz step "

Owner Gran-Priux of the international competition-festival, the Window to Europe, St.-Petersburg. The prizewinner of the international competition "The Modern art 2007" Moscow. The prizewinner of the international competition-festival, The Golden Ring, Suzdal-Vladimir. Front man a known trio "Triple stand?ART" - the prizewinner and the participant of jazz festivals in Chelyabinsk, Samara, Petropavlovsk, Aktyubinsk, Kustanai, Saratov, Orenburg The author of four solo albums. In Popov Maxim's creativity the most various musical forms are harmoniously united. Bright music of Russian folklore on original themes, power peculiar to a jazz-rock and at the same time ballade intonations with citations from classics. Priorities of the musician - author's compositions and modern perusal of jazz standards. The accessory to a mainstream at it is based, first of all, on not one-dimensional interpretation of the term. Maxim searches for possibilities for its application in wider polystyle a range. Its music mentions and will amortizes in itself variety of lines from cultural layers. In it, at times, against motor-ostinato lines of the left hand fancifully intertwine elements of fank and national colour of recitatives kazakh inks, hymn of gospels and genre sketches. Spontaneity, heterogeneity, a solicitous attitude to a sound and sterile thinking in improvisations. Thus you will not be mistaken, if Maxim's musical handwriting defines in the most subjective image because this musician is many-sided, is able to adapt in many styles and loves quality in art, as that. Music of the ural pianist is unostentatious, but as any original invites to understanding of the essence.

Popov Maxim. Western Kazakhstan. Uralsk city.

Pianist, composer, arranger, jazzman. "
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